Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Currenlty and a TREAT


I am hooking up with Farley for the October Currently!
Listening to the news... aka Royals pre-game. It has been 29 years since Kansas City has been in the playoffs!
Loving the Royals, enough said.
Thinking I need to knock out more Journeys lessons plans.
Wanting to get over this illness.  Second double ear infection of the year.  (Seriously.)
Needing a NAP! (See above.)
TREAT!!!  I have my favorite organization file folder covers for you to use, hurry while they are FREE!!

I put materials and lesson plans in each folder, sorted by day.  I went ahead and added general directions on the inside flap of the folder for subs.  (Math has log in for envisions, etc...)  I have 3 weeks worth of folders sorted and ready to go.  As I make copies and print out plans I add it to the correct folder. It makes life WAY easier!  AND subs love it!!
The week I am currently teaching is in my window well in this sorter.  I use the two areas underneath to put my clipboard, calendar, and "BIG" stuff.
The other two weeks are side by side on the shelf behind my desk.  I load things up usually on Thursday night. (It's my late night.)
You can sort of see them in this desk pic!  You can also see my other OCD tendencies.  Teacher tool boxish labeled drawers above.  Labeled shoe boxes below - in alphabetical order, of course.
(I know, I have issues.)