Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I moved to a new school!  Now I am teaching Kindergarten!!! Of course my teaching BFF is right next door!  
Here’s a peek at my room!
I survived Camp Kindergarten  it’s where we mix up all the full day kinders and then try and find the right mix for each class.  It must have worked, since I have 20 fabulous kiddos. 

Here's my principal, half day Kindergarten, My Teacher BFF, and myself after the world's longest Camp Kindergarten day!  WE are still smiling.  (FYI - I wore the blue shirt for a week!  Thank goodness for the fast wash setting on my washer.)

My grandson has gotten big!!!  He's nearly 7 months old now.  He's all about the selfies.  More accurately, he wants to eat my phone.

 I may have gotten a personalized candy jar and water glass.  
(Oh, I changed my name!  Since I got married this summer when I was in Las Vegas at the TPT conference!!)