Friday, June 29, 2012

Second Grade Smartypants Giveaway

vThe gals over  at Second Grade Smartypants   are having a 100 follower give away!!  They have several goodies for the lucky winner!  Since they are Kansasans like me I wanted to give them a shout out!  Go check it out!  They have giveaways from the Bubbly Blonde, Ms Elementary, Hooty's Homeroom, and My Second Grade Sense.  There's also goodies for back to school and a Target gift card!!  Can you say sign me up?

Congratulations on the 100 followers!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Too Hot to Do Anything

Do you live in the Kansas City area?  If you do you can feel my pain!  Here is a snap shot of the temp when I was on my way to pick up my daughter from camp.


Yep, it says 109 degrees!

Goodness gracious, it's no wonder that I can't get motivated.  I guess I will continue to chill on my couch and watch Olympic trials.  I love a good swim meet!
Stay cool!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer, Summer, Summer! and a Freebie

Only two more days of Summer School!  Can I get an "AMEN!"?  I am ready to sleep in and chill with my coffee.  I know the students feel the same way, thus the d-r-a-g of my guided reading lessons today.  Our summer school is set up into 2 two hour sessions.  Kids can come for two hours or four hours.  Most of our kiddos are from Title 1 and ELL buildings (My school has a large number of representatives.)  Kids get a scholarship to attend, but they don't get to choose cool classes --- like Pool Party or Art Antics, they get stuck in a two hour (40 minute x 3 rotation) of Word Work, Guided Reading and Shared Reading.  Then they are off to math or ELL.  I teach six (yep, six) guided reading groups to struggling readers.  It is P-A-I-N-F-U-L!!! 

I have been trying to choose lots of good non-fiction with cool topics like football, Mexico, Crickets, and Rainforests.  As you know I also have to throw in some fiction, but the selections are not nearly as awesome.  Tomorrow we are wrapping up instruction and Thursday we are having a "beach" party.  I will translate - kids getto read on beach towels in the library due to our predicted 104 degree temps.  We eat popsicles too.  I wonder if I get 6?  or none since I am a teacher, that would be a bummer.  I would settle for just one cherry popsicle!

On to my Freebie, I am trying to get my TPT store up and going so here's one of my favorites just for you!  It's my scrabble letters from Scrappin Doodles.  I ran these for my students so they could take a set home and use them with my Spelling BINGO homework.  Enjoy!  All I ask is that you look around, if you are a Harcourt Trophies user I have quiz-quiz-trade cards in the works for each story! 

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Purchases Linky with Ladybug's Teacher Files

My first summer purchase was from Oriental Trading Company.  I wanted to add to my Daily 5 Word Work choices.  So I got these nearly perfect itty, bitty boggle games. They are officially called "Letter Games".  I spent a whopping $2.99 per dozen! 

I plan to go over to Really Good Stuff and go crazy, but I have been trying to keep under control until at least July.  I am eyeing the letter stones for Word Work,  are you noticing a theme??

I am also counting the minutes until Target switches over from outdoor furniture to
SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!!  I know I must sound sick, but I just love going to Target and getting new crayons.  The students at my school don't typically bring supplies.  In order to make sure they have all that they need, I go shopping!  I save up all my Target gift cards and my 5% prescription discount reward and SHOP!!!  I seriously can't wait!

Happy Summer!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I was wandering around Pinterest and saw this cool new word art thingy.  So I tried out and this is what happened!  This was created from my blog!  Go and check it out! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

ARRRRRGH! It's Pirate Time!

So I was content to keep my ocean/surfing theme for the fall.  My daughters had me convinced, "Mom, the kids love the surfing stuff."  I was ever so tempted by the Target dollar spot.  They had foam swords, pirate tubs, and swashbuckling thank you notes.  The girls persisted, "NO!! Walk away!"  Then future little darlin' draws what he is excited about for second grade..... It's me in a pirate hat, with an eye patch!!  It's like he is psychic!  You know I cannot possibly disappoint this little one! Soooooo..... I have added pirates to my oceany room!

I found some great fabric at Wal-Mart to go on my "Words we Treasure" board.  I made name tags, new word wall cards and bought a few items on Teachers Pay Teachers, and of course got some foam swords!!  Here are a few of my purchases....
Pirate Theme Calendar Numbers

Pirate Word Wall Cards

Name tags I made myself!  I printed them on cool wave looking paper that I got half off at Hobby Lobby last week!  Leave a comment if you want me to send to you via email.
Happy Monday!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Teaching with Love and Laughter Give Away

Lori at Teaching with Love and Laughter is having a 500 follower giveaway!!  Here is a link, she has some wonderful ites being given away.  Check it out!

Lots of great prizes and opportunities to win!

 I plan to get on here and show off my Pirate Treasures that I crated for next year's group.  I have been working like crazy.  Happy Summer! Kim