Saturday, September 20, 2014

Another Busy Week!

This week has been crazy!
It started Sunday when Kate shattered her iPhone before the day even began.  UGHHHH!!! 
We had to go to Warrensburg to celebrate my dad's birthday. Apple picking at the parent's house, and the whole family was there, minus Ali (my oldest).  She's still in San Diego, darn Navy -they are keeping her out there!!
Slapped the "You are going to be great grandparents!" on my Mom and Dad while I was there!  I needed witnesses and possible back up if they had a heart attack!  Here's the ultrasound pic the lovely daughter(Ali) sent to me.  (It's a boy!)  I'm going to be a grandma!!  YIKES!!!

On Monday, I got two awesome deliveries-- a new student, he's a cutie!! and my new HP printer!!  It only took a couple hours to get everything set up.
I can't even remember Tuesday and Wednesday!
Thursday was a wonderful day! 

On Friday I ate some yummy Mexican food with my girls (and a robo-baby)!  The youngest has the electronic baby all weekend.  I kid you not, it made no noise until we went out to dinner.  Seriously!  Kate and I had to hold the baby while we were eating.  This is good practice for the future grandbaby.
I finished another Journeys story.  A Musical Day is up and ready for purchase.  Miracle of miracles!
Next week looks to be busy as well. Monday district meeting, Tuesday district fitness assessment (to get insurance discount), Wednesday 3 hour iPad training at school, Thursday and Friday (nothing yet!), and Saturday is Mr. Miller's birthday!!!!  I desperately need birthday gift ideas.  Any suggestions?
Hope you are all having a super September!


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Soccer Math Centers with a FREEBIE!

I’m super excited to share some of my favorite math activities with you.  I participated in Primary Gal’s Guided Math book study this summer and had a great time planning for this school year.  I have been using math centers during my Daily 5 time. (It’s the only time it fits!)

My kiddos rotate through Daily 5 activities.  They do a hands on math activity EVERY day!  They need the practice.  Many of my kiddos don’t have much in the way of number sense.  So I need to build a lot of background.  Thank goodness I have the BEST ELL aide in my room during this time!!  Mr. S. is awesome!!  He works with small groups while I am pulling reading groups!

Here’s what we are using this week, Soccer inspired math centers!  Yep, soccer!!  My boys love the sports themes girls don’t seem to mind either!  The great news is I am marking them down to $1.00!!  There are 4 centers (6 if you count the variation of counting by 1s, 2s and 5s. Grab them fast, because I am marking them up to $4.00 on the 20th! 

Here’s a sampling.
How about a freebie? 
 I have one of those for you too!!
Have a great week!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Five for Friday! Busy Week!


Tuesday was Emerson's first birthday!
We got our class pet!
Thank you pets in the classroom!
HE climbs!

His name is Flash!
Finished another Journeys story-- going to try and knock out another one tomorrow!

My awesome new rug arrived! It is BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you to every single person who helped me get it funded from Caring Classrooms!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Five for Friday, Saturday Stye
I meant to get this posted last night, but somehow I failed!  So let's do this Saturday Style!
I finished the First Unit of Journeys shared reading plans and supplemental materials!  Gus Takes the Train is the fifth story, it's posted and so is the 5 story bundle!
It's posted!  (I need to make a way better cover though for the bundle.)
I am up to day 16 of school!  The tiny ones are making me pictures and gifts like crazy!  I've received 2 apples, a heart necklace made with yarn, and at least 20 drawings!  I just love first grade!
Emerson continues to rehabilitate his floating knee caps.  He's such a toddler!  H's on strict house restriction.  No outside, no stairs, no racing along the fence with the neighbor dogs!  He thinks I am mean!!  This is what he does when I am at work and the girls are at school-- he breaks into Libby's room and steals candy to play with!
The first graders earned an ice cream treat on Thursday!  We had to get 15 apples in the jar - class compliments, individual student compliments, etc...  We voted for ice cream.  I need to get some slightly smaller apples (or footballs- maybe something seasonal) to fill up with 20 items next time.
Finally, I noticed one of my favorite tings at the store yesterday when I was picking up my super strong antibiotics (for my double ear infection).  Target always has m in mind! 
Check out this display.  Takes me straight back to my childhood! 
I now have to go by some Boo Berry and Franken berry by the case!
How was your week?  Stop by Doodlebugs and see how everyone is handling back to school!

Thursday, September 4, 2014


This. is. not. ok.

I cannot be sick on the 16th day of school.

This is bad.

I had to go to the minute clinic after school.  (After the school nurse told me my ears were pink turning to red.)

They said my ears were red.  (As a grown up that gets ear infections-- I know the symptoms.)

So....I had them send the prescription to the pharmacy in my town.

Then I went to pick up said prescription and THEY were CLOSED!!!

I kid you not!


At 7:05!!!  For real!!!

This was my face!

There was a more aggravated face after I went to two other pharmacies trying to get the darn prescription!  They all said no!

So I am out sick on Friday.

On the bright side I did get the best sub ever!  One of our handy dandy retired teachers!

How was your week?

Monday, September 1, 2014

September Currently

I'm linking up with Farley, over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for the September Currently!
Listening to 27 Dresses.  My teenagers are watching some sort of Katherine Heigl marathon. 
I'm totally ok with it.  We are a house of chicks!
Loving a four day week.  Even though they some how seem to be L-O-N-G-E-R than any other week.
Thinking about training the firsties on all the math games.  We are still not really good at staying on task, minding our own business, and working quietly.  (shocker!)  Any way I need to teach them the math games....  a little unsure... I guess I can just take the plunge!
Wanting another awesome year!  I had an amazing year last year, and I'd just like a repeat!  I LOVE my job, so I think this will be fairly easy!
Needing nothing, I am so lucky already, I have an awesome family, great co-workers and kiddos, and wonderful first graders!  What more could a person need?!
 Three Trips  1. Hawaii - I wanted to go when my daughter was there (navy girl) but now she's in San Diego.
2.  Key West - I've been to Florida dozens of times, but I've never made it all the way to the tip!
3. Bora Bora - I see the celebrity pics at all those resorts, but I have massive motion sickness, so it's a no!  Especially on a single mom teacher salary!
What are you up to?

Labor Day getting things Done!!!!

I am trying to get EVERYTHING done this weekend!

Step One -- Buy a new computer!  (Check)  I decided the four year old laptop just wasn't cutting it!  So I went to our handy, dandy Nebraska Furniture Mart and bought a new laptop!  Isn't is pretty?

Step Two - make a super de duper Sight word game for the daughter that is student teaching!  (I can use it too!  So can you, it's on sale for $1.00!)
Step Three-- finish story five Journeys, supplemental materials for Gus Takes a Train.  On sale for $4.00!!

Step Four -- bundle first Journeys unit! All five lessons are included, What is a Pal?, The Storm, Curious George, Lucia's Neighborhood and Gus Takes a Train.

Step Five-- relax!

How's your weekend?!!!