Saturday, September 6, 2014

Five for Friday, Saturday Stye
I meant to get this posted last night, but somehow I failed!  So let's do this Saturday Style!
I finished the First Unit of Journeys shared reading plans and supplemental materials!  Gus Takes the Train is the fifth story, it's posted and so is the 5 story bundle!
It's posted!  (I need to make a way better cover though for the bundle.)
I am up to day 16 of school!  The tiny ones are making me pictures and gifts like crazy!  I've received 2 apples, a heart necklace made with yarn, and at least 20 drawings!  I just love first grade!
Emerson continues to rehabilitate his floating knee caps.  He's such a toddler!  H's on strict house restriction.  No outside, no stairs, no racing along the fence with the neighbor dogs!  He thinks I am mean!!  This is what he does when I am at work and the girls are at school-- he breaks into Libby's room and steals candy to play with!
The first graders earned an ice cream treat on Thursday!  We had to get 15 apples in the jar - class compliments, individual student compliments, etc...  We voted for ice cream.  I need to get some slightly smaller apples (or footballs- maybe something seasonal) to fill up with 20 items next time.
Finally, I noticed one of my favorite tings at the store yesterday when I was picking up my super strong antibiotics (for my double ear infection).  Target always has m in mind! 
Check out this display.  Takes me straight back to my childhood! 
I now have to go by some Boo Berry and Franken berry by the case!
How was your week?  Stop by Doodlebugs and see how everyone is handling back to school!


  1. That is so sweet that your kids are already giving you gifts! I just love their big hearts!
    Rambling About Reading

  2. I have sensitive skin and I wore the yarn necklace all day without ripping it off. I'm going to call that a successful day!