Friday, November 6, 2015

Five for Friday

SOOOOOOO....... Kansas City Royals WON the World Series.  The games may have been seriously interfering with my teaching/sleeping schedule.  Goodness knows we seem to love extra innings!  Love the celebrations!  My two favorites are the team and the radar filled with fireworks!  My kindergarteners may have been really, really squirrely on Monday.  

WE had a tough day on Monday!  Thank goodness we had an awesome presentation courtesy of Mr. Glover, a fabulous kindergartener's uncle.  He talked all about being a Federal Fire Fighter and his work for the state in wild life conservation.  

Look at those cool animal furs!  It was so interesting hearing about the different animals that we have in Kansas.  I was amazed at the softness and thickness of the fur.  I am thinking a beaver coat may need to be in my future for recess duty!

 So my daughter was down there with 500,000 of her closest friends!  I was at home watching up close and personal on my T.V., because they CLOSED school!! 
 Roughly 25 schools closed for the celebration Tuesday.  
This is CRAZY!!!! and AWESOME!!!!

 The chair-less classroom is working out well!! The kiddos seem to have adjusted to working where they are most comfortable.  We've got kiddos at my guided reading table on stools, standers, leaners, kids on their knees, kids at Hawaii (our vacation spot aka tiny table and chairs), laying and sitting on the rug. I literally ran around the room taking pictures because everyone was working!!  I am anxiously awaiting my Donor's Choose Grant to be approved and up.  I want to get yoga balls, wiggle seats, an teeny, tiny leatherish chairs!!!

My favorite part of Kindergarten, the love notes!  I already have a pretty big stack.  This one is from a little sweetie that came in knowing 3 letters (not the ones in her name).  Now she knows almost all of them.  I love how the kid blossom.  Kindergarten is my favorite!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Currently..... a Name Change

OHHHHHH Boy!!!!!

Look!!!! My name has changed!!! Woo Hoo!! Last place I needed to update with Mrs. Davis. Now to decide if I need to update every single product I've ever made.....  Hmmmmmm.......

Hooking up with Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for this month's currently.

So I live in the suburbs of this awesome place called Kansas City,  Home of the Kansas City Royals,  THE team that WON the World Series,  we do that every 30 years or so.  I vaguely remember the last time, because I was in junior high/high school.  I didn't live in KC, I lived on the farm in Nebraska.  Which if you are from the Mid-West, you'll understand, it's close enough!  Any way, did I mention I hate baseball?  Not a huge fan.  This year was different, the team was different.  The games were interesting.  The player personalities were engaging.  My teaching bestie and I liked the Royals besties of Salvador Perez and Lorenzo Cain.  This picture pretty much sums up Amy and I, and the KC Royals season!

So we WON the World Series.  Which is WAY AWESOME!  I didn't expect in a million years that we'd get a day off school.  Our amazing principal was doing her best to make sure those of us that wanted to attend the parade could.  I wasn't going to go to the parade, crowds make me panic, but rather I was going to go and cover my daughter's class as part of the creative coverage. (She teaches 1st grade at another school in our district.)  Turns out, she can go to the parade and I get a day to RELAX and enjoy the fall weather!!! I can watch on T.V. and work at home!  Best gift ever! 
 Thank you to all Kansas City area schools.

I want more time with my grandson.  He and his mom moved to Arizona last week.  It was a bit of a shock.  I will miss the little guy, but if it means a better job for his mama, then it's for the best,  I took the little one on a farewell tour last week.  We visited Aunt Kate's school, my school, Mr. Davis at the store, we dropped lunch off at high school for his BFF and then hung out at home one last time.  Here's some snap shots of our day.

Aunt Kate did you want the library baskets labelled?  I can pull this one off if you need help.

Amy, Grandma gave me goldfish,  want to see?

 Grandma, you sure have a lot of stuff on your desk.

It's Mr. Davis! 

 Lunch date at Subway.  This boy doesn't miss any meals!

Off to High School, every one should enjoy a Subway sandwich and chips!

Home to hang with Emmy!

Last baby snuggles!!!  

With any luck the little guy will be back to visit soon.  
If not, I may need to take a quick trip to Arizona!!  

Lesson plans..... seriously..... every single week I need some of these.  
When do I not need to work on them.  It's not happening today,  maybe tomorrow.

Yummy, yummy in my tummy, cranberry sauce.  I make homemade cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving.  I've been making it for nearly 25 years.  Honestly I think the  recipe came from some cooking magazine.  At this point it's one of those a little of this, some of that kinds of recipes.  My kids actually still beg for it, and still take it in their lunches.  STILL...  

Here's how I make it.  Get a bag or two of fresh cranberries, throw in a big pan.  Chop up at least 3 (I use 6) Granny Smith apples into bite sized pieces, add to cranberries. Pour in 1/4 to 1/2 cup water.  (Seriously, you don't need much.)  Sprinkle cinnamon on top, mix in.  Juice 2 or 3 oranges, add fresh juice to mixture. (DO NOT use actual orange juice from a bottle, trust me.)  NOW the critical part, sugar.  I start with 2 cups.  Mix everything together and let simmer.  It needs to cook for at least an hour.  Stir as it simmers.  The cranberries will pop, that's a good sign all is going well.  Feel free to call the fam during this process.   (That's part of my tradition.)  As the berries pop and the whole mixture starts to jell up feel free to taste.  You may need more cinnamon or more sugar. You really need to make that decision for yourself!  Once it's extremely jelly-ish, it's done!!  It will keep in the fridge for months.  At our house maybe a week or less, due to all the eaters!!