Sunday, October 4, 2015

Five for Friday ---- on a Sunday!

So I am late to the party, but at least I am posting.  Better late than never!

First blog post in 6 months.  I decided to be myself, and not worry about what the exes are seeing on my teaching blog.  I post happy, joyful teaching moments, so they can read away!

I am working on two math projects!  I finally made something.  Seriously, I haven't created anything in ages.  I finally kicked it in gear and finished my Dia de los Muertos Math Ten Frames.  They are on sale for $2!

Number of months that I have been Mrs. Davis.  We got married while I was at the TPT (and I teach K) Conference  in Las Vegas. (I wonder if any one else got crazy and got married.)
I have 4 tables of 5 kindergarteners.  These kiddos crack me up!  Ummm.... excuse me.... I love you!  "well, I love you too!"  Why didn't someone tell me kindergarten is way more awesome than first grade?  

These pictures are from our "sight" walk, during our study of our five senses.

Five page books!  We finished our five page books.  My kiddos are really doing a fabulous job with their writing.  Thank you to Dee Dee Wills and Deanna Jump for writing awesome Writing Units!


I am on a plane in Alabama.
A car is driving.
On the fun wheel. (Ferris wheel)

I was high in the sky.

I am so proud of all my little writers!