Sunday, February 22, 2015

What's on my TPT wish list?

I'm linking up with some awesome teacher -bloggers to share out our wish lists.  The big Teachers Pay Teachers sale is coming up!  I have a crazy long wish list and I'm trying to decide what not to buy!!!  At this point I know I need more science and social studies activities along with some really cool pattern block patterns.

Here's my top ten!

1. Number of the Day (The Whole Year Bundle)
by Mrs. Balius
I definitely need some sort of morning work for my kiddos.  I was going to make my own when I found this!!  It looks way too awesome to pass up!
2. Dental Health Super-Pack: Science and Literacy Activities
by Brenda Tejada
Dental health month is coming to a close, but we are definitely behind so I'm buying this!

3.  I Can Do It Myself-Constructing Numbers-Differentiated/Aligned Place Value Fun

by Marsha McGuire
I am buying this for Guided Math!



4. Waffles! A final syllable -le  mini unit
by Sarah Cooley
This is the cutest unit!  Totally going to graph our favorite waffles.

5. Knuffle Bunny 3 Book Series Unit
by Amna Baig - Teach Two Reach
My class is in LOVE with Knuffle Bunny and Pigeon.  I must have20+ copies of Mo Willems books.  This will be a great little unit to have for those short weeks when we don't have shared reading.

6. All About Frogs {Fact Sheets, Life Cycle, Labeled Diagram, Report + More}
by Proud to be Primary
Buying this to go with our Frog and Toad shared reading.  I need this ASAP!


7. March Madness Basketball Themed MATH Centers (6 centers!)
by Stuckey in Second
I am a Kansas girl -- KU Jayhawks!!!! 
(You may have seen me in a Mizzou shirt lately-- that's because Mr. D is a big Mizzou fan, and well look at that face.  How can I say no to wearing that sweatshirt?) 
 Even though I have all teenaged girls, we are super serious about our March Madness here!  I thought my firsties would LOVE the math centers.  You know we are filling out brackets!!

8. Skating into Measurement:Activities Using Centimeters and Inches
by Saddle Up for 2nd Grade
Measurement is coming up, and I know my sweet firsties will love the skating aspect of the measurement unit.


9. Pattern Block Math {Winter Edition}
by Crayons and Whimsy
Pattern blocks are constantly in use in my classroom.  It's time I spice things up with some new designs.

10. 100th Day Of School Math And Literacy Centers! Granny Turns 100!
by Kindergarten Smorgasbord

So, 100th day has come and gone, but I really, really wanted this unit.  No reason not to be prepared for next year!

I think that sums up my teaching needs.  I won't even list all my CLIP ART needs!!!
What are you buying??


Monday, February 16, 2015

Five for Friday Baby Time

This has been a crazy week!  I only made it to school on Monday, and it was a three day week with kids.  Last week it came to my attention that an ex- was stalking me online.  I have worked hard to establish myself on TPT and I really wanted to step up my blogging.  I just don't know how I feel about this person reading my posts.  So I will take any ideas, thoughts and suggestions.

 #bestdayever #thankful #iamloved  Got a text from my school that I had this lovely bouquet in the office!  Certainly did not expect this, loved it!!  So nice to feel the love from my "helpful smile in every aisle" guy.  (Anyone from Iowa?  You know that catch phrase!)  I had a text because..... 
 I was at the hospital, at home, out walking, at the hospital, back home, at the hospital with this one!  The oldest was in labor for nearly 48 hours.  Let me just tell you, labor and babies are for young people. I think I had a combined 3 day total of 10 hours of sleep!  Emerson is guarding the belly.
 I have to reschedule EVERY single Parent/Teacher conference.  EVERY single one.  The grandson literally arrived on conference Day 1.  It was so hard to know if we should call parents and postpone, but ultimately I did.  I'm glad I did, because my daughter was pushing at 8:00pm!!  Let's face it, I can't conference when I am holding the little dude today!
Here's little dude's impromptu announcement that I sent out to my co-workers. 
Love Creative Clips!!!