Friday, April 25, 2014

April Trade and Grade with a FREEBIE!

This month I got to work with the fabulous Emily MacGillivary, from Emmy Mac Shop!


I was fortunate to partner up with Emily.  She was such a joy to work with, she taught me all about flattening pictures, and saving secured PDFs!!!  Bloggers are simply the greatest!  I love the kind word and willingness to help.

Moving on to the Trading.... 

Emily sent me her Fraction Bundle.  HoLy CoW!!  This is simply A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!  My kiddos were in love with the games. 

First!!!  I prepped the games!

I am seriously O.C.D.  I love organization.  I make covers for all my games.  The one you see in the picture is Fraction Memory.  I place the directions on the manila envelope and laminate.  Then when I cut out the pieces I put them in the correct envelope.  I file them by math or reading standard, depending on the game.
My school has the most awesome general school aide.  Christine is a gem, she kindly laminates all my games.  Here's the pile of fraction games. 


Fraction Bump Basketball Theme!

I had to do a quick little mini lesson on fractions, since we don't talk about fractions until Topic 16.  Luckily, I was working with some fast learners.

The boys decided to try out Fraction Bump! 
Step one identify number of parts in the basketball. 
Step two identify the number of colored parts.
Step three cover the spot!

 Two parts out of four, covered that with the blue cube!
Let the fun begin!

Fraction Memory!

Once the cards were all prepared we had to lay them out.
Turn two cards over!
Is this the right card?
Look at all those matches!  A great game!

Fraction BANG!!

Pile of cards turned face down!
Three parts out of five!
Two parts out of five!

Fraction Slap It!

Game is laid out and everyone is ready to play!
Hmmmmm.... Is that 4/5?  Nope.....
Refresher on how to say the fraction correctly. 
 Five parts out of five!!  Woot! Woot!
This was the second group playing a hot and heavy game of Fraction Slap It!! 
Kids are completely independent during these games, I can pull small reading groups, and I don't even have to go and problem solve!
Can I just say my kids love,
 love, love these games!!!
What are you waiting for?  Enjoy your FREEBIE!


My Freebie - in case you had trouble.


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Monday, April 21, 2014

Shapes!! Shapes!! Shapes!!!

Ohh my goodness!!!  I started teaching math again today, since we are transitioning back to me from our PDS Intern.  I missed teaching my little darlin's.

Here's what we are doing right now!
Aren't those cute!!!  They aren't done yet.  We have to add all the descriptions.  I pre-made these, laid them out and everything.  PLANNED ahead!!!  We'll be working on the one on the left tomorrow.  It comes with an awesome student book.  I found these on TPT,  Linda Kamp is amazing!!
We will be making the fox craft next week sometime.  It's going to be so much fun!!!
As I was teaching math today, I had the chance to break out my ohh soooo cooool Ocean Animal Pattern Blocks, courtesy of Crayons and Whimsy.

It came in the MAIL!!!! It was the coolest giveaway! 

 I didn't even have to print this out!!!  Thank you, Christy!!

These kiddos are working with the pages that have lines for specific shapes.
There are FOUR versions of the cards. 

This version you have to fill it in on your own! 
Go pick this up!!! There's a zoo version, too!!!
Go visit Christy over at Crayons and Whimsy!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Secret Admirer Revealed!! with a special FREEBIE!

Drum Roll please.............

I secretly admire, well not so secretly anymore, Tabitha Savage from Totally Sweet Math Centers.
She blogs on the Learning Highway.
I asked for her Easter Laughs -- walk the room activity.  A total butts in the air activity.  My little snuggles were so excited to work around the room!  They were ALL on task!  I'm not kidding, every single one of my kiddos was on task.  SHOCKING!!! and totally AWESOME!!!
Here are the kiddos in action.
The twelve math review cards are taped all around the room.

We got out the clip boards, so we had something to write on.  I blew up the pages, since my kiddos don't always have the best handwriting.  I wanted to make sure they could record the punch line of the joke!

A little discussion about the height of the bunny.

 Oops..... I wasn't listening to Ms. Lander, and I recorded the answer in the wrong spot!
Yes, those are ALL my kids on task.  E.V.E.R.Y. single one!    High students, English Language Learners, Special Education students, High needs (behavior) students, seriously EVERY student was on task. 

 This is one friend reading the card to another friend.  It was one of those AMAZING kind of days!
Check out the little tiny butts in the air!!


Tabitha was totally sweet and made you guys a FREEBIE
Personally, I'd go straight over to her Teacher Pay Teacher Store and load up!
Tabitha has it on sale for $3.00, she doesn't even know I am blogging about her.  Go and check it out!
Thank you Tabitha for allowing me to share in this awesome activity!  My kiddos will be enjoying many more of your activities!