Monday, April 7, 2014

Secret Admirer and a FREEBIE!!

I've been blog stalking for a long time, much longer than I have been attempting to blog.  I have definite go - to blogs, you know the ones.  They manage to blog EVERY week and still make new materials, do they sleep??  They also do national presentations, and bloggy meet ups.  HOW do they do it?!  Seriously?  How is there enough time in the day to get all that done?  Maybe they don't have kids, or at least don't have kids at home.  I just don't know, but I am always striving to improve myself and they motivate me!


While blog stalking awhile ago, I came across a new blogger.  She participates in a few blogs and produces some awesome materials!  I am in awe of the amount of things she has time to create.  Another non-sleeper??   She doesn't currently have her own classroom -- she a specialist.  That means the girl is EVERYWHERE!!!  Pulling kids to work with from a wide range of classrooms.  Any ideas?  Who could it be?  List your guesses in the comments and ...

I will have a special prize for the winner!  (THINK --- TPT  gift card)

Tune in on the 12th to find out!


Here's a little thank you for stopping by.  I created this when I found a group of boys had taken some of my math center cards and turned them into WAR cards.  Brilliant!! Why didn't I think of that?

This is for the Blue table!!

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