Monday, April 21, 2014

Shapes!! Shapes!! Shapes!!!

Ohh my goodness!!!  I started teaching math again today, since we are transitioning back to me from our PDS Intern.  I missed teaching my little darlin's.

Here's what we are doing right now!
Aren't those cute!!!  They aren't done yet.  We have to add all the descriptions.  I pre-made these, laid them out and everything.  PLANNED ahead!!!  We'll be working on the one on the left tomorrow.  It comes with an awesome student book.  I found these on TPT,  Linda Kamp is amazing!!
We will be making the fox craft next week sometime.  It's going to be so much fun!!!
As I was teaching math today, I had the chance to break out my ohh soooo cooool Ocean Animal Pattern Blocks, courtesy of Crayons and Whimsy.

It came in the MAIL!!!! It was the coolest giveaway! 

 I didn't even have to print this out!!!  Thank you, Christy!!

These kiddos are working with the pages that have lines for specific shapes.
There are FOUR versions of the cards. 

This version you have to fill it in on your own! 
Go pick this up!!! There's a zoo version, too!!!
Go visit Christy over at Crayons and Whimsy!

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