Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day getting things Done!!!!

I am trying to get EVERYTHING done this weekend!

Step One -- Buy a new computer!  (Check)  I decided the four year old laptop just wasn't cutting it!  So I went to our handy, dandy Nebraska Furniture Mart and bought a new laptop!  Isn't is pretty?

Step Two - make a super de duper Sight word game for the daughter that is student teaching!  (I can use it too!  So can you, it's on sale for $1.00!)
Step Three-- finish story five Journeys, supplemental materials for Gus Takes a Train.  On sale for $4.00!!

Step Four -- bundle first Journeys unit! All five lessons are included, What is a Pal?, The Storm, Curious George, Lucia's Neighborhood and Gus Takes a Train.

Step Five-- relax!

How's your weekend?!!!


  1. You certainly are getting it done. Glad you found time to relax!