Saturday, August 30, 2014

Back to School Extreme Make Over

When I went back to school my classroom was bare! As in no ceiling, no ductwork, no lighting, and no carpet!!  We were under construction!  I might have had a mini panic attack wondering how it was all going to come together!

Fast Forward a couple of weeks --- My room still appears to be a war zone, but at least there are new ducts, new carpet, new ceilings, and new lights!  (The wiring was complete, so forgive the darkish pictures- trying not to get electrocuted, even though I was definitely working on those full wall bulletin boards!)
Day 1 -- probably only 80 degrees in my classroom despite alleged new duct work! My super de duper helper Kate came with me to tackle the big stuff!  Wall one has 7 floor to ceiling bulletin boards.  (Please ohh and ahh over the wonderful new ceiling!)
Then we did the word wall - see that super long bulletin board?  It's 22 feet long, and no I am not kidding!  Putting fabric up on it is a booger!  To the right is my teeny, tiny paw print fabric - last year that was the calendar area. 
 Finally, we go started on the other wall of floor to ceiling bulletin boards.  (I even brought my own ladder.)  We got started only to find that some of my fabric might of had an actual booger on it.  Notice the empty spot. -- took the fabric home to wash!
Here's  the rest of the wall!  It only has 6 floor to ceiling bulletin boards!   We whipped the fabric up in no time!  I think it was way easier not to need to work around all the furniture!

Day 2 --It's getting hot in here!  new duct work -- still not on!  At least 85 - 90 degrees in here!  Today I am determined to finish the boarders on the floor to ceiling walls!  Wall one- 7 boards done!

 Wall two - 6 boards floor to ceiling!  Including the potentially boogered fabric - now clean!  Of course it's a tiny bit too  small, so I have to double border it!!!  Not good for this seriously OCD person!!

 Notice - my computer desk is back!  The guys were installing them, I asked to have mine turned - GASP!  Now I can see my class if I need to use the computer, and not have my back to them!!! WHAT?!!!  See the guy below, he's hooking up all the tangled cords.  Let's not worry about the 500 layers of DUST!!!  Seriously, they didn't even cover the computer equipment while they were working!!!!  I will dust myself, later....

 Day 3 - Enrollment  I am helping with our district's enrollment.  I wandered into my room to find it looking like this!  I took the picture and walked away!  Notice the lights now work!!!  WOO HOO!!!

 What you may not see is all the dust!  Every piece of furniture is covered in dust!  The custodian told me that I could not work until they had literally washed off each item!  WHAT?!
Day 4 - No cleaning!  so-----No working!  The obvious thing to do is buy a car!  I commute, so I decided to buy a Hybrid!  Look at this cutie!  His name is Bruce , as in the Shark from Finding Nemo!
Day 5 - My daughter (that is student teaching) brought her friend to school today!  Can you say Hip, Hip Hooray!  Three fully helpful teenagers, means serious work completed!
Check out the library - the girls busted it out!  

See my reading table-- I took it out!  I decided to use two trapezoid tables to take up less space!  Already love it!
 Teacher desk is buried!  I made myself a fortress!  I constantly am fighting students away from my desk!  So I turned the desk - SNEAKY!
My mailboxes are on this rolling cart - I hope those little guys can reach, because I gave away the other table! 
Here is the reveal!!!!  This is right after Sneak a Peek!
Look at the cute little backpacks.
 Mailboxes, binders are over to the left. Above the mailboxes are our Peanut Butter and Jelly partners (Idea for PB&J partners goes to  co-worker Megan!)
 Centers and writing center
 Small people -- word wall in the background.
 Library, math word wall above, nouns poster over the library.
 Better view of the nouns poster and the library!
 Guided Reading area is still a bit of a hot mess, I'm testing ENDLESSLY!
Team points, lunch choices, Morning Procedures poster.

My fortress -- aka my desk!  The calendar area is right in front of it. 
 I also have a small table near my desk to work with small groups.
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  1. Your room made such a transformation! What a terrific learning environment!


  2. Thanks Melissa, I always love seeing what other teachers are doing with their classrooms!

  3. Your room looks SO great! I love your floor to ceiling bulletin boards.
    Sarah from Mrs. Jones Teaches :o)

    1. Thanks, the floor to ceiling part is great, except that I have a lot of stuff that has to go up next to it! LOL!

  4. Putting up all of the fabric and borders must have taken forever, but I'm very jealous of your massive and plentiful bulletin boards! My room has concrete block walls that need painting! Nothing wants to stick to them. Have a great year! Your room looks amazing!
    Laughter and Consistency

    1. Try using Seal n' peel. It's a caulk, you can get it a t Home Depot or Lowe's. We use it on our cinder blocks. It doesn't wreck paint either!!