Sunday, August 10, 2014

Falling In Love with Close Reading - Chapter 6 The Family Tree

Question 1 -
am thinking about different ways that I teach point of view to my first graders. I teach point of view during Writer's Workshop.  One of my first thoughts was to use a favorite author, Mo Willems.  The firsties love him!
By using Knuffle Bunny Free, I can have my kiddos relate to Trixie.  Since my students are 6 and 7 years old I think they will be able to compare their lives to Trixie.  For beginning of the year first graders I think this will be a good starting place. As I read other Mo Willems books, specifically, the Pigeon books, we can expand our comparisons.  Since this will be my first time working with close reading, I will need to report back on how things are actually working in my classroom.
Question 2 -
At this point I have not done much to locate resources for Close Reading.  I am planning to work on resources as I teach.  I did download the sample freebie from Creativity to the Core.  I definitely will be using Meredith's resources!!  They are fabulous!
All About Dogs is on my wish list!  (I have a puppy themed room.)  I think It would a great way to introduce close reading to my first graders.
What resources will you be using?

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