Saturday, August 2, 2014

SLANT Box awesomeness!

This is what I arrived home to find today!
The SLANT box was here!!  Ashley over at One Sharp Bunch was my partner.  Can I just say THANK YOU!!!  It was the most thoughtful gift box I have ever received!  Very personalized!
Here's a look at what was inside!
That's a 12 cooler for the pool!!  Or in my world baseball games!  It's wonderful, I love the print, and my girls were already trying to claim it! --Uhhh No!  That's mine!
You can see the Sharpies peeking out! There are peanut M&Ms and Bugles in there too!  (I'm going to eat them for dinner!  My diet starts Monday, so I wouldn't want them to go to waste!)

Do you see this clipboard?  Can you say AWESOME!!!?  It even has puppy paws ribbon, the blue is perfect!  I love it!  I was just about to go and get a new one, but now I have a way cooler one!
Do you see the Ink Joy pens??  They are my absolute favorite!  Look at the restroom passes, they are for the wrist.  No lost passes!  Love, Love, Love!!
Check out this framed subway print!
You can see me in the reflection, with my puppy phone.  This is going on my desk on Monday. 
 The SLANT box full of SUNSHINE made my week!  
 Thank you again Ashley!

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