Monday, August 18, 2014

Go Noodle is an absolute go to!!!

My first grade friends live for our Brain Breaks!  We love to Go Noodle!
I love that the site is commercial free!!  No questionable ads or pop ups!  Huge plus for this first grade teacher!
The first graders beg to Zumba!, Hop like a Bunny, and do the Dinosaur Stomp! 
You need to try out Go Noodle!  It's free!  I use it as a motivator, finish this and we will take a brain break.  One of my special friends has a hard time getting things completed, so an extra "We'll take a brain break." doesn't hurt.
Quit making excuses -- and Go Noodle!


  1. Hi, Kim! My kids love GoNoodle too. This year my main content is back-to-back with specials towards the end of the day, so I put GoNoodle breaks into my schedule this year. I also love that they are just a couple minutes long, not as intrusive as an extra recess. :) Hope you've had a great start to your year!
    Sarah from Mrs. Jones Teaches :o)

    1. I have a very similar schedule! We take brain breaks as we transition!! Have a wonderful year!