Friday, August 15, 2014

First Week of School in snap shots!

I just wanted to drop in and share a few of my favorite pictures of our first week.
(Really 2 1/2 days with kids!)
This was my Monday Made it!  Check out my post over at Dollar Deals and Teacher Steals!  I have directions for making the Welcome to a Delightful Year goodies!  There are FREE tags and postcards for you to use.
Binder Covers are ready!
Still have some piles!
Wednesday aka First Day of School
(1/2 day thanks goodness)
You can see my Sit Spots!  My breakfast helper came in early to hand out breakfast for everyone! 
We still haven't sorted supplies, see their tiny backpacks?!
(FULL day)
I did take pictures of my first graders, but my favorite picture of the day was when my main squeeze came back to visit me!!  He has my whole heart!  We had to take a selfie!!! (watch out Mr. Miller!)
(Thank Goodness, I'm exhausted!)
 Working on writing, adding details to our drawing! 
Read to Self!  We read 7:16!!!  Thanks to the challenge from Mrs. Strobel's class!! 
 Look at them looking for books in the library!
 More great readers!
 I think we know who has the BEST first grade class!!
How was your week?