Saturday, September 20, 2014

Another Busy Week!

This week has been crazy!
It started Sunday when Kate shattered her iPhone before the day even began.  UGHHHH!!! 
We had to go to Warrensburg to celebrate my dad's birthday. Apple picking at the parent's house, and the whole family was there, minus Ali (my oldest).  She's still in San Diego, darn Navy -they are keeping her out there!!
Slapped the "You are going to be great grandparents!" on my Mom and Dad while I was there!  I needed witnesses and possible back up if they had a heart attack!  Here's the ultrasound pic the lovely daughter(Ali) sent to me.  (It's a boy!)  I'm going to be a grandma!!  YIKES!!!

On Monday, I got two awesome deliveries-- a new student, he's a cutie!! and my new HP printer!!  It only took a couple hours to get everything set up.
I can't even remember Tuesday and Wednesday!
Thursday was a wonderful day! 

On Friday I ate some yummy Mexican food with my girls (and a robo-baby)!  The youngest has the electronic baby all weekend.  I kid you not, it made no noise until we went out to dinner.  Seriously!  Kate and I had to hold the baby while we were eating.  This is good practice for the future grandbaby.
I finished another Journeys story.  A Musical Day is up and ready for purchase.  Miracle of miracles!
Next week looks to be busy as well. Monday district meeting, Tuesday district fitness assessment (to get insurance discount), Wednesday 3 hour iPad training at school, Thursday and Friday (nothing yet!), and Saturday is Mr. Miller's birthday!!!!  I desperately need birthday gift ideas.  Any suggestions?
Hope you are all having a super September!


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