Monday, June 11, 2012

ARRRRRGH! It's Pirate Time!

So I was content to keep my ocean/surfing theme for the fall.  My daughters had me convinced, "Mom, the kids love the surfing stuff."  I was ever so tempted by the Target dollar spot.  They had foam swords, pirate tubs, and swashbuckling thank you notes.  The girls persisted, "NO!! Walk away!"  Then future little darlin' draws what he is excited about for second grade..... It's me in a pirate hat, with an eye patch!!  It's like he is psychic!  You know I cannot possibly disappoint this little one! Soooooo..... I have added pirates to my oceany room!

I found some great fabric at Wal-Mart to go on my "Words we Treasure" board.  I made name tags, new word wall cards and bought a few items on Teachers Pay Teachers, and of course got some foam swords!!  Here are a few of my purchases....
Pirate Theme Calendar Numbers

Pirate Word Wall Cards

Name tags I made myself!  I printed them on cool wave looking paper that I got half off at Hobby Lobby last week!  Leave a comment if you want me to send to you via email.
Happy Monday!


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  1. Could you send me a copy of the nametags to Thanks!