Monday, May 6, 2013

A Camping we will Go!! (Day 1)

Today I introduced our end of year adventure --- Camping!
Let me remind you that I have at least half of my class that are English Language Learners.  One of my little guys really thought we were headed out to camp!
We started with an easy graph of have you been camping? yes or no?
Turns out that 10 of my students had not camped and 9 had some sort of camping experience.
We moved onto our writing lesson, Terse Verse.  I read One Sun: A Terse Verse by Bruce McMillan.
We made a list of possibilities.
Then we wrote our own!
Snack Pack
Bent Tent
Bike Spike and Fly Sky
Deer Fear and Spoon Noon
Bright Light and Pole Goal
Bent Tent and Foul Owl
Sky High, Bee Tree, and Fly High
Bee Tree, Fish Dish, and Frog Log
Cat Hat and Bike Hike
After lunch and specials we moved on to learning about Skunks!!! 
We read Smelly Skunk.
We wrote down some skunk facts on our anchor chart.
Then we made the cutest skunks ever!!!  Thank you Cara Carroll!!  Her craftivity was just perfect!
Please note some skunks have bows and crowns!  The kids just crack me up.  Needless to say today was a complete success.  I survived teaching ALL day, without my most awesome student teacher.
Happy Monday!

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