Sunday, March 18, 2012

Assessment Excitement/Watson Goes to School

Since it's Sunday and we have to go back to school tomorrow, I ventured back to school.  I am on the Assessment Committee (we are the motivators for the TEST).  Part of our job is to get everyone hyped for the TEST!  We go all out, door decorating, posters, spirit week, motivational buddy classes, assembly, snacks, etc.  I like prizes, so the door decorating is actually a contest.  There are a few categories, best team collaboration, best student created door, best use of theme (Super Heroes)!  I took my handy dandy doggie friend, Watson, to help judge.  Here's his favorite door.  It says We have the Power to do our Best!  I think Watson likes the shiny aluminum foil letters.  This is the creation of our Speech team.  Rumor has it you can use the foil on the die cut machine if you add a piece of paper on top of the foil, that way it doesn't rip.

I needed to put up some posters and Super Hero cut outs as well.  I used my favorite Seal n' Peel.  This stuff is like magic.  It sticks on the walls without damaging them.  You have to get some.  Home Depot always has it in the caulk aisle.  Make sure it is Seal n' Peel --- not liquid nails or you could have some explaining to do.

After such exhausting work Watson thought we should get a Route 44 Sonic Iced Tea.  He tried to order for me, but no one could understand him. 

Now I'm off to get some lesson plans together, and plan out my "Relax, and do your best on the test" outfit for Tuesday.


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  1. Watson is adorable!

    I have a poem on my blog titled "Teach ME". It is a reminder that we are teaching more than a test or a curriculum...we are teaching a child and his/her heart. I would love for you to come read it! =)

    Heather's Heart