Thursday, October 10, 2013

Where does the time go?

How is it already October?!!

I meant to blog regularly, darn it!!  Off to a slow start.

I'm back teaching first grade where I belong!  The first quarter ended today.  I can hardly believe it!  My 19 little darlings have made so much progress already.  I started the year with only 3 kiddos above grade level, in reading.  Now, I have 6 above grade level!!  And I've gone from 8 emergent readers to only 3!!!  PROGRESS..... right!?!

I am so excited to see such gains in only 9 short weeks!  Math progress is coming along too!  I have to grade the first quarter assessment, but my initial glances are looking at the same growth. 

I'm wondering how the rest of you are doing?  Any interesting stories?  I have a doozy to tell, but I'm not sure you'd even believe me.... 

What's your favorite crazy kid story??  OR crazy pet story?

Paisley, has been hanging out watching out the dining room window.  I knew she liked to look out when I found my blinds mangled.  Solution, leave them up so she can see out.  Well apparently, all that looking outside is exhausting.  So she needed a place to rest.  I had noticed that everything from the dining room table was ending up on the floor.  Odd, but I assumed that when Paisley and her partner in crime, Watson were home alone they knocked stuff off the table in an attempt to get people food, napkins, salt shakers, etc...  So we started to make sure all the chairs were pushed in, so they couldn't jump onto the table.  Then I started to see scratches on my table...... Hmmmmmmm...... very odd.   Well, my lovely youngest found Miss Paisley ON THE TABLE, asleep!!!!!   She was ASLEEP perched on my NEW dining room table!!  Can you believe it?  The darn dog jumps on the table and NAPS.  IN the sun!  On my TABLE!!!!  GRRRRRRRRRR..............................

Happy Friday!

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