Sunday, May 4, 2014

May the 4th be with You!

I have been crunching the numbers, and I had identified my top 4 sellers! 
Drum Roll Please......
This is my current number one seller!  I will be marking it down to half price -- $4.00, just for our special May the 4th sale.  Check out the Scholastic clearance section, too.  I found some amazing ocean books to make our end of year learning a Splash!
Announcing my next best seller....
My Journeys Differentiated Spelling Lists for first grade.  All you Journeys people this one is for you.  It has four differentiated lists, that are EASY to manage.  Get it marked down to $4.00!!
This one is always a favorite!  It is practically free at $1.00 everyday, BUT today is your LUCKY day. I'm marking this down one fourth off,  it's only $.75.  This is perfect for making words, guided reading, or even homework.  I print out sets for my kiddos to have at home.  I use them EVERY day.  You will too!
This one was a surprise to me!  I know people love the math games, and this on is an absolute favorite of mine!  Great practice activities, regrouping both addition and subtraction, counting by 10s starting at non-traditional numbers, one more & one less, ten more & ten less, bunny graphing,
 racing to 100 - adding 1, 5 or 10.  I'm marking it down to $4.00!!  Grab it while you can!



  1. Watching the children in your class fully engaged in their activities, it is clear to me that your products are winners. (You posted a few pictures the other day- that's what I'm referring to)