Saturday, May 24, 2014

Summer Top TEN!!


1.            Paint the Girls’ Bathroom!
We bought this house last May, almost one year ago, and I meant to paint EVERYTHING last summer, but that didn't happen.  So, I really need to get on top of the updates this summer!  Good news, Kate and Emerson (my puppy) helped me knock out the girls' bathroom today!

2.        Paint the Dining Room.
Please note the awful peach color.  It is the color of choice, at least the previous owner's, favorite color!  Not mine!!  I am really more of a blue gal.  So, dining room must be painted!

3.         Paint the Living room.
Are you noticing a theme?  More peach!!  It's gotta go! 

4.         Rest and Relax!!!
I am the worst relaxer ever!  I have zero ability to just do nothing.  It actually hurts me to do nothing.  Might have something to do with my type A personality!  I plan to use my massage gift certificate, that should be a good start.

5.        Blog about Guided Math.
Check back on the 29th!

6.         Prep some Guided Math materials.
I am going to get things ready to coordinate with the EnVision curriculum that we use.  I need to make some more games.  My first graders loved all the games this year.

7.        Teach ELL Summer School.
I get to hang out with some of my super awesome kiddos!

8.        Hang out with my girls.
Ali, Kate, and Libby
I haven't seen Ali since March 2013!  She's in the Navy, and has been deployed.  She's asked for leave and I hoping to see her next month!

9.         ROADTRIP!!!
We are going to load up the teeny, tiny fuel saving vehicle and go on a road trip.  A real one, where you meander around and eventually arrive at your destination.  Hmmmmmm..... where might we end up??!!

10.      Vegas!!!
Going to the I teach 1st Conference! 

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