Thursday, May 10, 2012

Camping - Cara Carroll Style!

Last month I purchased Cara Carroll's Camping Capers.  It has saved my life!  We re down to 8 1/2 school days ad I need some interesting and engaging lessons!

Camping Capers {Math, Literacy, & Science Activities}

I started with the introduction of camping through Aurthur Goes to Camp.  We then graphed our camping experiences.  Only 5 of my students have not been camping.

The following day I introduced the woodland animal research project.  Each student has chosen a non-fiction book about their animal, and is taking notes using an Alpha box.   We are planning how to write our reports.  We will definitely need to make some sort of visual to go along with it.

This morning we read all about bears and then wrote a class book "If I saw a Bear".  Thank you Courtney, at Swimming in Second.

Today after lunch we divded into four groups to complete three of the stations from Cara Carroll's unit.  The kids loved the spinner data collection and graph making.

Then they moved on to Campfire Compound words!

Students alphabetized 24 words and recorded them.

Finally, Dirt and WORMS!!!!

Here's the official recipe; 1 Hunt's chocolate snack cup, 1 teaspoon Oreo pie crust stuff, 1 teaspoon crushed Oreo, and 2 gummy worms.  Kids had a great time!

Tomorrow, we are making trail mix and going hiking.  Happy Day!

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