Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Woodland Creature Reports

WHEW!!! We did it!  The kids finished writing their four paragraph reports.  We spent 3 days taking notes using Alphaboxes.  Thank you to Linda Hoyt's book Crafting Non-fiction. Then we organized our information, I listed these questions on a separate paper. 

What does your animal look like?

Where does your animal live? 

What does your animal eat?

 Finally, what are three interesting facts you learned about your animal?

  The kids wrote their paragraphs under each question.  On day five we took over the computer lab!  Our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders were out of the building on a field trip, so we took advantage of the extended typing time.  I am proud to say we got all that work finished in an hour and a half! 

 Day six, we created our animals to complete the display.  It was too cute, I told the kids that I had read all the reports and picked out only the colors that they needed for their animals.  One student said, "but, I need green.  You didn't get green."  I responded, "Let me see" and pulled out his report.  I then read to him his description of the animal.  I said " I didn't read anything about your chameleon being green."  He then admitted, "I guess I forgot that part."  (FYI -- his chameleon is the red and blue striped thing on the left side of the photo.)

Above: Great Horned Owl, Hawk, Rabbit, Chipmunk and Peregrine Falcon

Above: Mallard Duck, Beaver, Fox, Bear, Fox, Raccoon,
Chameleon, Black Bear, Deer, Wolf, Bald Eagle, and Grizzly Bear

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