Friday, May 4, 2012

Field Day!!!!

Today was our field day!  Our really amazing P.E. teacher organized a great day for our kids.  We had 30 stations and spent 10 minutes at each station.  I took a few pictures before I safely left my phone inside.  (You know how rogue parent volunteers might douse you!) 

bean bag toss


horse shoes

There were 6 water stations; water balloon toss, sponge dodge ball, some sort of water ball over a volleyball net game, fill the cup, soggy sweats relay, and picking up marbles with our toes.

water balloon toss

It was 90 degrees in good ole Kansas today!  I wasn't sure who would melt first, me or the kids.  AsI suspected, I fell apart first.  I am super pale and even with spf 50, that I reapplied multiple times, I still got B-U-R-N-E-D.  The little darlins' did not.  I covered them too.  We chilled out inside during our lunch and then during the mini golf, shuffle board, dance party and musical chairs!

I only have 12 1/2 school days left.  How many do you have??

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