Sunday, January 10, 2016

Back in the Swing of Things!

1st Day Back 
Boy did I miss my Smarties!  Winter Break was a full two weeks, but I was out beginning December 10th with Pneumonia!  Holy Cow!  Pneumonia will kick your butt!! I tried to come back 1/2 days right before break - I lasted Wednesday and Thursday until noon.  I thought well, I made it thru 2 1/2 days, why not try for all day Friday - with two parties, one for the best student teacher ever and one Winter Party, ummmmmm not so much.  School nurse sent me home via the emergency room by 11:00 am. Thank goodness, I had the most wonderful student teacher, co-workers and building sub ever!!! 

NOW I am fully recovered, at least I think I am!  I survived 3 days with my Smarties. Ready to take on this new year!  SO excited to see all the great growth in those Kinders.

We started back with 2 PD days.  Yikes!! Professional Development always causes me to overload.  Luckily our principal is super realistic about getting things done.  We did share out our ONE word for the year.  I picked POSITIVE.  No matter what the challenge, I plan to stay positive. On that note - do you follow me on IG?  add me splishsplashkim, I'd love to follow you too!! 

We settled right in and made some New Year's Resolution. We read, Squirrel's New Year's Resolution and then brainstormed good goals or resolutions for us.

Please note one of my kiddos wants to fly a drone!! Seriously, I have a future pilot in here!
We are still loving the flexible seating.  The Donor's Choose grant was funded right before Thanksgiving and we have been chillin' in our very Starbucks like atmosphere.
Here's 4 of our leather chairs and end tables being used.

 Wiggle seats at a low table.
 This is Hawaii, our vacation spot - to get away!
 Standing at a tall table.

Yoga balls!  I ordered 3 more, these are EXTREMELY popular.  Believe it or not the kids do really well on them!
Here is our other leather chair area, and you can see the poofs on the other side of the carpet area.  
Overall, I am in LOVE with the new seating.  The kiddos really have adjusted to picking their seating and do a great job selecting where they are actually productive.

Hope you are all having a spectacular NEW YEAR!!
Happy 2016!

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