Thursday, March 3, 2016

March Currently

I can't believe it's already March!!!  Where did this school year go?  I'm linking up with Oh Boy It's Farley for this month's currently. 

Listening to ALL the political ads.  WHY????!!! WHY???!!!! WHY??!!!! Why is this year so challenging?  I do not identify with any one at this point, which is unusual and not good.  Not to worry though my youngest is all kinds of gung-ho since she gets to vote this year.  She was interviewed on the news at a Bernie Sanders rally today.

Loving all my Kindergarteners, they are delightful!  So kind, so thoughtful, so full of hilarious stories!  In kindergarten I tend to not believe everything that is told to me... for obvious reasons.  They are five!  My favorite this year, was the little one that told me their dad was a doctor for our local sports team. The child announced this after another student mentioned they had gone to a football game.  I literally said, "that sounds awesome!"  Not another thought.  Fast forward several weeks, mom and dad of said child are going to Hawaii out of the blue--- hmmm... I think that's wonderful, what a great get away.  Then I'm sitting at home watching the Pro Bowl with Mr. Davis and it dawns on me.  The Pro Bowl is in Hawaii, her dad is in Hawaii, HOLY MOLEY!! This kid's dad REALLY is a doctor for the sports team.  I did some googling and by goodness the kiddo was totally on point, dad is a doctor for the sports team.  (Mind Blown)

Thinking it's MARCH!! Yikes!!! We have learned so much, but I always get a bit panicky, we have so much more to do!  These kindergarteners are SMART!!!  I mean sooo bright!!  BUT.... I have plans, we have work to do!  Give me 9 more weeks before I have to hand them off.

OK... SO.... I STILL need a DAY OFF!!! Seriously, I love these kids and we have a lot to learn,  I need to re-charge.  We had exactly ZERO snow days.  That's right NONE, ZERO, ZIP, NADA,  So I need some serious refreshing.  My winter break was spent on couch duty (stupid pneumonia).  SO I am PUMPED to get to hang out at Home Goods, and Hobby Lobby, and Target.  Bring on my break!

I am a teacher need I say more?  Where's that tax refund?  No, really, what is taking so long?

Our school is not a polling site, it's a local church.  I have worked in a school that is a polling site.  NERVE RACKING-- all those people.  Not my idea of fun!  In this day and age aren't there other places for voting?!


  1. We don't usually have snow days here in the lowcountry of SC but we did have a weather day last week. I am not looking forward to making it up especially since we had the 6 days off for the flood which greatly affected our area in October. Our school calendar doesn't have many extra days built in...


  2. Hi Kim. I know what you mean about the presidential campaign - it's everywhere! It sounds like you're having a great year with your class - I love when that happens. Happy weekend!

  3. Hehe I can't believe is March either!!! We are getting closer to Spring Break though! :)
    Magically in First

  4. Happy March! So you're not a fan of anyone for the primaries? We are just starting to get the ads now - we vote on the 15th here in IL. I LOVE Bernie, and am hoping he can beat Hillary!
    Hope your tax return comes soon! Mine is long gone..yep, we're teachers! :-)

  5. Hi Kim! I loved this post! Your kindergartner and the doctor dad is a priceless story! My daughter, who teachers third grade, was recently told by a student that he went to Disney World over the weekend. And they drove there- all the way to Miami! By the way, I am also a Mrs. Davis!
    Teachers Are Terrific!