Sunday, March 13, 2016

Flexible Seating

Flexible Seating

Flexible Seating is all the rage. I made the plunge last October.  It all started with moving the chairs out of the room and raising the tables.  We had standing tables and clip boards to use on the rug.  I noticed almost immediately how the kiddos were more focused in the afternoon.  Was it that they had the ability to move and wiggle? Was it a fluke?  I kept the chairs away and I continued to watch the kiddos.  Not one complaint about standing -- and there was always the option to sit on the rug.

Here's what it looked like at first. All the kids standing, some kneeling, and one or two at the back table.  We still had assigned seats. (Table count 4 standing tables.)

Then I wrote a Donor's Choose Grant.......

I asked for tiny leather chairs, yoga balls, wiggle seats, and book boxes.  The wonderful parents of my students made it happen!  I was funded in less than a week.  It was awesome!  Here are some photos of our room as things started to arrive.

Boxes begin to arrive, and clearly we can't focus on the Tumble Book. You can see the wiggle seats on the floor.  As soon as they arrived I dropped one of my tables down to the very shortest setting.  I also drug one of my tables away.  (Table count 2 tall standing/ yoga ball tables, 1 low to the ground wiggle seat table.)

The yoga balls arrived next. Thankfully the book boxes arrived too!!
Then leather chairs.

 At first we had to sign up everyday for the following day's spot. Then I got pneumonia.... and we learned to be flexible.  Students choose their spot as they came in every day. Here is Hawaii -- our vacation spot, aka a small table with tiny chairs.  The only remnants of traditional seating left.

We have settled in to a groove with our seats.  Then I found these bad boys...  Scoop Seats!!
That's my First grade teacher daughter with me at Wal-Mart.  Yes, we do have 13 scoop seats in our carts.  No surprise she has flexible seating too.  Really, teachers shouldn't shop alone, you need someone to talk you down from buying every single blue scoop seat at Wal-Mart.  OR in our case, some one to climb the shelves and dig around for EVERY blue seat.  Don't worry we left all the coral and pink ones there.  (Follow me on IG to see all our antics - splishsplashkim)

The VERY same weekend we went to Nebraska Furniture Mart and I got this awesome circular rug to anchor the 4 leather seats.

The rug is a floor sample so it has some tears.  I just turned it over and duct taped it back together.  I LOVE the rug!!  You can see our wiggle seats on the table (I had just washed them, I had noticed dried frosting on a couple! Gross!)  Also, notice the book boxes on the shelf in the back.

Every book box has the following already in it; math journal, white board, black dry erase marker, crayons, pencil, eraser, highlighter, and any papers from Daily 5 that they are still working on. Then they choose their spot for the day! Kiddos start the day by getting their book box and choosing 3 just right books.  They add a clip board if they need it for the day.  

In early February my customized Rocking Chair arrived!!! My fabulous principal loves to paint, decorate, etc... so she made me the gorgeous chair!  I ordered a custom coffee table too.  The coffee table will go in the place of the little tiny tables with the leather chairs.  I'm anxiously awaiting is arrival.

Here's a little darling reading on an iPad in my chair.  Gotta love those little ones!

After the scoop seats arrived in our room it was crazy crowded.  I had to ban the scoop seats from the rug. -- Let's just say there were serious issues with fingers getting rocked on.  UGHHH!!! So the scoop seats needed their own space.  One more table moves to the hall.  My poor custodian is a saint.  (Table count - 1 tall standing/yoga ball table and 1 short wiggle seat table.)

I think I need another rug, so the scoop seats can have a defined area.  I hate having them wander around. I may just go visit Nebraska Furniture Mart and see if they have another floor sample.  LOL!!! 

Are you using flexible seating?  
How does it work for you?
Do you have questions - ask away.  
I'd love to help if I can


  1. Love the transformation! Every thoughtful move makes your room just right for you and your kids!

    1. I'm trying. I'd like to get rind of the big bulky rectangular tables, but we don't have anything else available.

  2. Hi,

    I'm starting this year with my first graders and would really like to know how you start the first day. Do you have all those options available? Where do kids sit when they first come in that day? My district does not have a back to school day until 3 weeks later so this is really the first time they ever get in the room.

  3. Hi there. I want to move toward flexible seating but wonder if I need to have all supplies in place before starting? And, I noticed that you have name tags. If they move around from spot to spot, why have name tags? Thanks, Jen

  4. I love all the different types of seating you have available for your students! Thanks for sharing your experience with making the transition to flexible seating.