Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Spring Break Miracle -- I finished one week of Journeys Lesson Plans! (29 to go!)

Can I get an AMEN?

I managed to finish O-N-E week of lesson Plans for the new Journeys series that we adopted for the Fall.  I thought I'd get a jump on planning and prepping materials.  Goodness knows that beginning of the year can be absolutely overwhelming.  I plan to make my days very structured and consistent.  My kiddos thrive on what they know is coming next.  So I planned this with them in mind.  Monday, word wall activities, Tuesday HFW tic- tac- toe, Wednesday HFW Roll-Say-Keep, Thursday Cheering HFW, Friday assessment.  I also have posters to support new terms.  I got the Anchor Charts ready to go --- ok I put the Title together and found the items needs to sort (animals/people).    I decided my kiddos need some serious following directions experiences so I plan to do a Friday writing (I have writer's workshop everyday.) and craft each week.  Trying to tie it all together.
It's on sale for half price, $2.50.  I'd love for someone using Journeys to give me their thoughts.  If you use Journeys, leave a comment and I will pick one person to preview it for FREE!!
What series do you use?  How do you fit it all in??


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  1. Oh my! You have done an amazing job! :)