Friday, March 21, 2014

Trade and Grade Blog Hop

We are trading products and grading them hard!  Putting the product to the test in our own classroom.

I had the pleasure of trading with Dianna Radcliff of Sassy-Savvy-Simple Teaching.  She gave me the most AMAZING interactive notebook to try out!


I put the 1st grade E.L.A. Interactive notebook to the test!

I printed off the unit and took it to school.  My testers were anxious to get started!  Everything was super easy to use and all inclusive.  No need to run around and find other parts.  Everything is ready to go!


Writing the beginning sounds!


 Lifting the flaps to practice those letters!



This is fun!  And I have a quick check to see if my students can identify beginning sounds and form the letters correctly!  I love it when I can streamline assessing student learning.


On to identifying sentence types.

 Students took 3 different sentences and determined the ending punctuation. 

 It was a fabulous review of questions, exclamations, and periods.


Writing describing words.
How can we describe a birthday cake?
How can you describe flowers?
How can you describe a frog?
What a wonderful way to check to see if my ELL students are understanding what an adjective is.  A great way to activate prior knowledge. 
and.... the kiddos absolutely love the activities!
Every day they ask what they will be adding to their notebooks!

I know you are can't wait to try this out for yourself!!  Here is a FREEBIE for you!  Please go and see Dianna at her TPT store, the link is above.  She has all kinds of wonderful interactive notebooks, as well as many other can't live without activities!!

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