Saturday, March 1, 2014

March Currently

How can it be March already?  I hardly taught in February.  We had 3 snow days, 1 teacher in-service day, 1 day for Parent Teacher conferences, 1 day off due to Parent Teacher conferences, AND President's day off.  That's SEVEN Days off during the shortest month of the year.  YIKES!!
On to March, which is arriving like a LION, here in Kansas.  U.N.A.C.C.E.P.T.A.B.L.E. 
I have moved on and I wish winter would too!
Here's the March Currently
Listening to KU - OSU  game.  Sadly, my beloved Jayhawks lost.
Loving that I am home alone.  Peace and Quiet, even the dogs have decided to let me be.  I have been able to sit around in yoga pants and my robe ALL day!!!  WINNER!
Thinking I absolutely have to buckle down and get super serious about blogging and creating things for TPT.  Sallie Mae is not my friend.  They want their $$  lots of it.  (I went back to school at 30, somehow the ex and I thought at the time go thru a program speedy quick -- it'll be ok that it costs more.  Get a Master's Degree, how else can you move over on the pay scale?  What one Master's Degree is not enough??  Get Administrative Degree.  Ohhh yeah, have marriage blow up -- and try and send three daughters to college.  Thus the endless debt to Sallie Mae!) 
Pity party over!  Moving ON!!!
Wanting a Hot Fudge Sundae  enough said!
Needing Warmer Weather -- See above too much SNOW!
???  What or Who could  Paisley and Emerson be??


  1. Found you over at Farley's! Your blog is super cute and I so totally get you on blogging more. I really fell apart this school year but I've only been doing this for a couple of years. Still don't know if I want/can/should go the TPT route as a seller but I love all the neat resources it gives. As for your ???? Hmmm... Would it have anything to do with music? Particularly Emerson Drive and Brad Paisley? It's rodeo season here so we've got a ton of great artists heading our way. Have a great one!
    Mrs. Landry's Land of Learning

    1. Rodeo has a season?! That's cool! Around here, Emerson and Paisley are not too musical. More loungers and nappers.

  2. I'm thinking Paisley and Emerson sound like names.... of twins? new nieces or nephews? Just got rid of Sallie Mae last year. I don't miss them. Good luck.

    Not very fancy

    1. Paisley and Emerson are a set, not twins, not nieces or nephews. I'm happy you survived the Sallie Mae monster!!! :)