Friday, June 6, 2014

Donor's Choose Proposition - Guided Math - Leading the Learner to Mathematical Success

Hello, Summer!
Welcome to what I like to call summer, teacher overtime!!  Why would I refer to the glorious, warm, carefree days as teacher overtime?  My guess is you already know!!  E.V.E.R.Y. teacher I know is working on something for next year.  It could be a book study or two (or 4 if you are me), new lesson plans for new curriculum, professional development meetings, conferences, and classes.  The list goes on and on
I am working on my Donor’s Choose project.  It goes along with my curriculum and professional development and one of the book studies!  You see, I need some math literature to complement my math instruction.  Our district is great, they suggest we have different books available to use when we teach certain lessons, but they failed to realize that we all teach the same lessons within days of each other!!  So if there are 4 first grades and we are on the same schedule, how can we use the one book that the district suggested the media specialist purchase for us?  You do the math, I need books!!!!
So, I am strongly encouraging all you fabulous teachers to check out my Donor’s Choose. 
I really want to get this funded before the start of the year. 
So here’s my proposition.
Go check out my TPT store; see if there’s anything you need/want. 
Then donate that amount to my Donor’s Choose.
Email me the item or items you want to purchase and I will send them to you!!! 
 EASy Peasy mac and cheesy!!!!


It’s a Win/Win!!!



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  1. This is a GENIUS idea! Heading to check out your TPT now.