Thursday, June 19, 2014

Guided Math Chapter 4

Hmmmmm..  How much of my instruction is whole class?  I would have to say almost all.

Our school district uses enVision, and we are required to implement it with fidelity.  Thus, I have a very structured routine.  Students begin on the rug, in their assigned seat, next to their talking partner.  I introduce a topic and give them a task.  This is an introduction to our skill for the day.  Students then move to their seats.  Depending on the day students may work alone, with a partner (shoulder or across the street) or with their entire table.  This goes on for 10 to 15 minutes.  Then they come back to the rug for a visual learning, video provided by enVision.  During the video I stop and discuss key pieces.  Students may turn and talk to their partner depending on my instruction.  When we have gotten through the video/instructional piece, I send students back to their seats.  This is where I can begin to pull small groups during the guided practice portion of the lesson.  I am super fortunate to have had an ELL aide and a paraprofessional in my room during math.  My ELL aide pulls a small group of 4-5 students to the back table.  My paraprofessional takes 2 sometimes 3 students into our office area for less distractions.  This leaves me between 10 and 12 students.  I do a few problems with the group, and send my high fliers on their way.
(My high fliers, finish quickly and I give them math games to practice skills already taught. )
I stick with the group and release a few more after two more problems.  Then I stick with the 4-5 students that need additional support.  I can re-teach and remediate. 
I use this routine every day, since it is "required" by our district.

I use whole group instruction E-V-E-R-Y day.  I start with it and then break into smaller groups, later in my math instruction.  It may not be ideal, but has been effective.  I do make sure our introductory activity is completed in small groups or with partners.  Also, after the video lesson, we do break into small groups.  I know I am not as fortunate as all teachers to have 2 adults that are in my room nearly every day. 
Next year, is a new story, as I have no idea if I will have any other help.  
I plan to use Guided Math during the instructional/guided practice portion of my lesson. That way I will be able to give support to those that need extra help.  I can differentiate the lesson for my high fliers to keep them learning too!
I am working to incorporate a "Math Huddle" into my day.  I love using the calendar time to start as a springboard.  I also plan to use more mathematical literature.  
Some of my favorites are
Measuring Penny
Tally O'Malley
Two of Everything
A Fair Bear Share
Which book is your favorite?
Leave me your favorite math read aloud in the comments!


  1. I enjoy reading Brown Rabbit's Shape book by Alan Baker with my kinders. It is also fun to retell with props!!

  2. I love The Half Birthday Party by Charlotte Pomerantz

  3. I like Monster Musical Chairs, Give Me Half, and 100 Days of Cool!

  4. Wow! Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway! This giftcard is going to be perfect for getting some organizational items for my classroom! :)