Thursday, June 12, 2014

Guided Math Chapter 3

I love the idea of math warm ups!  This year was hectic, and I was lucky to get attendance completed in a timely fashion.  (You know what I mean; it’s the year you get “that class”)  Things did not always go smoothly.  Some days barely began without them falling apart.  So math warm ups were not happening.  Math worksheets were not happening.  Seriously, choose a lunch, sit in your seat and eat your breakfast was not always happening. 

Clearly, there was not one ounce of mathematical thinking happening at the start of my day. 
Thank goodness for next year.
Next year. Ahhhhhhglorious next year!
I have so many plans!

As part of our morning routine I am going to have the kiddos participate in a math warm up.  I think I am going to start small.  Putting up the number of the day and having the kiddos represent it in some way.  I think I might use Tabitha’s number bonds to start our discussion at morning meeting or during calendar time.

I also love the idea of collecting data and graphing the results.  This is something I used to do, before my day was broken down by hours and minutes.  When I was able to determine what was best for my kids, but I digress.

One thing I always do is use read alouds to give my students a connection to mathematical concepts.  I have a pretty good collection of math themed books in my class library.  (My mom is a retired librarian, so I have a sickness weakness for purchasing books.)  I did write up a wonderful project on Donor's Choose to help fill the gaps!  I am getting so close to being funded!  I just need a few more supporters,  and I greatly appreciate any help!
I would like to use more critical thinking skills when we complete the calendar each day.  I will be the first to admit, any day we are pressed for time calendar gets pushed back, sometimes for days. I know it is important, and that the kiddos need the mathematical thinking associated with the calendar.

As I read I noticed that Laney Sammons talked about making connections.  Just like we do with reading.  So I made up some posters; Math to Math, Math to Self and Math to World.  I thought you might like them too.  I made this aqua version and one with a primary background.  Enjoy!

I plan to have my students make a connection at least once a week, possibly through homework.  I think we will share out during morning meeting.  (I am working on a Morning Meeting book study too.)  I think that the respectful classroom routine established during a morning meeting compliments Guided Math.

What will you do?

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  1. I love your math connection posters! You might also be interested in my book Building Mathematical Comprehension: Using Literacy Strategies to Make Meaning. It explores how the comprehension strategies we teach for literacy are just as relevant for math.
    Laney Sammons