Sunday, July 6, 2014

Falling in Love with Close Reading Book Study Chapter 1

Question 1
Close Reading to me is all about going back into a text and making observations, looking closely at something that I might have breezed over in my first read.  With students it might be something I want them to notice or wonder about.

Question 2
As a first grade teacher, a powerful close reading instruction is allowing the students to re-read a small portion of the text and to ponder the meaning of the text.  I want them to wonder, question, and infer.  I want to guide their thinking with deeper questions that make them begin to wonder.  Not always easy with beginning readers! (Or small dogs wanting your full attention!)

Question 3
At this point I have used a limited amount of close reading.  My students struggle with basic reading skills, so Digging deeper is not always feasible; however next year, I plan to make lessons more meaningful and add the close read as a regular part of my reading instruction.

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