Thursday, July 24, 2014

Guided Math Chapter 9 ...the final chapter

I plan to differentiate my math lessons.  I am required to implement envision with fidelity, but I can adjust the lesson so that when we are doing the guided practice I am working with small groups.  I do this to a certain extent already, but with a little planning on my part I can extend the learning of my high fliers and try and boost my strugglers.  I also am adjusting my Daily 5 to more of a center rotation.  (I'm a control freak anyway - so it should be fine!)  I plan to have the students complete a math activity each day in addition to a word work activity.  
 I work with an amazing group of educators!  Our school is always trying to work for the best of the students.  We want to work smarter not harder.  If it is for the best of the students, it is supported!  It would be great if within my grade level we had time to level/group students according to their needs, so that each teacher and aide could teach a mini lesson or work on student skills.  Who knows what the schedule brings!? 
Make sure you check back in September to see how things are going!

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