Tuesday, July 15, 2014

WOW!! Las Vegas!!! I Teach 1st!


I knew Vegas was going to be a great experience, but who’d have thought I’d meet so many wonderful teachers/bloggers?!


First thing Monday morning I ran into Greg Smedley-Warren from Smedley’s Smorgasboard!  I felt like I had met a celebrity.  We had a great chat about our schools, and I got a quick picture.  


Our keynote speaker was Marc Brown, of the Arthur Aardvark fame!  He was very enthusiastic and full of excitement!  He even read us his newest book it hasn’t been published!!  He’s working on it with R.L. Stine of the Goosebumps fame!  Marc Brown is doing the illustrating. Guess what?  The story is about Monsters!!  Look for it next Spring!


My first session was with none other than, THE Cara Carroll, from the First Grade Parade.  The session was all about making math a fun-a-liscious experience.  I took tons of notes and snapped some pics!  I can’t wait to spice up my math instruction.  (It fits right in with the Guided Math that I have been reading/blogging about all summer!)

Of course I wasn’t going to leave without a picture! 
Then I hit up not one but two different sessions on how to spice up science!  I love science, but we all know it's the first thing to go when we are out of time.  I gathered a slew of ideas on how to incorporate science into my Language Arts instruction so we won't be missing out any more! 
I went Laureen Reynolds' session about shared research projects!  She is all about "shared" projects!!!  These are practical and easy projects that take lessons one step farther, I was so motivated!!  I can do this  (Check back in with me in September-  I have things a brewin')
Off I went to see my Kansas gals!!  Kelly Bumgardner and Diane Schmelzer, other wise known as Made for 1st Grade.  They had amazing ideas for bringing Common Core to our center time - Daily 5 for me!  I am already working on tweaking those ideas to make them fit for my kiddos.  The best part of the session was that I WON a $25 shopping spree to their TPT store.  Seriously!! Winner, winner chicken dinner!


I hit up some Deanna Jump sessions next!  YES, the Deanna Jump!  I didn't get a picture, because the line was soooooo long!  I did get motivated though!

The girls and I went shopping, I offered to buy them some shirts, but they declined.  I have no idea why?  I thought these were perfect!

The girls and I took on the Vegas heat and saw the Bellagio fountains!  That's Libbyliscious taking it all in!

I was pretty hyped up on Wednesday -- when I went to Hope King's session on Student Engagement.  Lordy, Lordy that girl is motivating!  She works at the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, GA.  There's no surprise why!  She can get adults and kids motivated to learn!  She's all about setting the classroom up to excite kids learning.  I am definitely going to try some of her awesome lessons.  (Regardless -- of the interest of my co-workers!  This year I am going to be the best teacher I can be -- and not let any one bring me down, because it's too much work.  I am all about these kids I am teaching! )

I am also all about Carlo's Bakery!!!  We waited 30+ minutes for some treats!  I got a Lobster Tail (top row) and the girls ate one of those yummy chocolate & strawberry concoctions!

 I met WHIMSY WORKSHOP!!!!  The bloggy meet up was amazing.  I met so many bloggers.  It was a room full of people passionate about what they do.  You couldn't help but be excited to be a TEACHER!

I think the biggest thing I learned was to be myself.  I need to teach the way that the students learn best.  I need to stop worrying about my co-workers, and just do my job.  This is not a competition -- I am simply teaching so that my students learn as much as possible when they are with me.

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