Sunday, July 20, 2014

Falling in Love with Close Reading Chapter 3

Question 1
This chapter of Falling in Love with Close Reading makes so much sense to me.  Maybe it is more meaningful to me since it is all about word choice, and this is something I can use with my first graders!  I can take these lessons and apply them in my classroom with recreating the wheel!  I especially connected with the video clips of toys for boys and toys for girls.  When we are studying needs and wants I can present two short video clips and teach the students about the power of word choice.  The students will be able to connect with the commercials and develop better understanding of the power of words.

Question 2
The difference in how I've taught word choice in the past and how I plan to teach it now is the power of patterns.  Before we focused on choosing words that weren't dead.  (You know the lesson -- where you bury words; said, like, laugh... and identify words you want the students to use instead; whispered, delight, giggles...)  Here's an example from Hope King's classroom.  She presented this at I teach 1st!

I will still teach this lesson, because my students need it, but now I will teach other lessons where we look at word choice through lenses.  We will be looking deeper!

What will you do differently?  Share your ideas here!

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