Sunday, July 27, 2014

Falling in love with Close Reading Chapter 4

Question 1 -
Honesty, Reading Closely for structure doesn't really occur in my first grade classroom.  We are still learning to blend sounds  and make meaning from the text for at least the first half of the school year!  So, I have not taught much structure.  When I teach writing, I do model using dialogue between characters.  I love the Mo Willems books for this.  I also teach students to compare books by the same author, or similar books by different authors.  We focus on the author's purpose  as well.  I guess I really need to put on my lenses and dig deeper with my students during my shared reading lessons and during read alouds.
Question 2 -
I think I hit upon this a little above, with first graders, I need to be the one leading the way.  I need to find the complex texts and model close reading through think alouds!  If I model with the whole group, I think I will be able to transition my higher readers into using different lenses when they read.  The goal would be to have my students think outside the box  when they are reading independently. 

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